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Boring Company Flamethrower Review – Positive Reviews

Good reviews: This flamethrower is for fun and for practical use! It goes without saying that, a flamethrower is fascinating, but it is useful in daily life! The one comes from Boring Company is good, for keep your home safety. Also, this is good to light up a barbecue stove, or a fireside woods!

Boring Company Flamethrower Review – Negative Reviews

Bad reviews: The boring company flamethrower is a bit more expensive, but it is lightweight, and very efficient. The boring company flamethrower is a more versatile, lightweight flamethrower. The flamethrower is a standard flamethrower. It uses a single nozzle of flamethrower. In the design, the nozzle runs as a single nozzle, and will move up and down freely. Boring company flamethrowers will last about two weeks. The flamethrower is an aerated, lightweight, very efficient flamethrower.

Boring Company Flamethrower Review

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Reviews from Mountain View, CA

This is an assembled toy flamethrower, so you won’t find any engine wiring harnesses, brackets, or the like. You do have some critical headlight, and taillight wiring connections, but those can easily be cut or pulled. Because the kit is custom, it needs to be wired, and synchronized with the engine, so you’ll need some degree of familiarity with engines, before your engine will start. The primary purpose of the ignition system, is to bring the motorcycle’s ignition switch up to the correct setting, when you put your foot on the brake. And yes, the system is power “locked,” meaning you can only use it, to restart the engine in dire circumstances.

There’s a huge difference in terms of quality, between the cheapest flamethrowers, and those in the range premium flamethrowers. They aren’t common yet, but will become common in the future.

Boring Company Flamethrower Reivew
First off it works great. Eliminated the hesitation I had with the full centrifugal advance dist. 009. The timing light holds rock steady instead of bouncing around like the old unit. Set max advance at 28 degrees which worked out to 2 degrees btdc at idle. Connected the vac line to manifold and the car runs smoother than it has in years.All the plug wires had to be moved over one so that the advance can wouldn’t hit the manifold. And the O ring for the company seal is a joke. I don’t even know why they supply it as it is too fat. Had to take a sanding drum with my dremel and make it thinner to fit. The original was crispy and broke in trying to remove it. Otherwise it rocks.